Besarabia Animal Republic

Animal Republic – 2021

Each song is a new spontaneous confluence of world music, folk, flamenco, jazz and even rap. The lyrics and the atmosphere that surround them are based on the collective imaginary of the animal kingdom; animals that are granted humanity, as in Aesop’s fables, or animals charged with rural poetics. The swallow that carries a love letter, the snake that together with the mother goddess creates all living beings, the elephant that wishes to enter a junkshop to see its soul in a mirror, or the giraffe, that toy forgotten in a mechanic’s workshop, that dreams of going to the sea and finding freedom. Soundscapes full of melancholy, joy, life and adventure; a journey into the interior of each member of Bessarabia, who have let themselves be guided by their most primal instincts and have forgotten to close their cages.


Ritmes, Trenzas & Cats – 2017

In 2017 Besarabia starts the project of their new album “Ritmos, Trenzas y Gatos”. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, they enter the Primavera studios in Atlas (Alhama de Murcia) to record. The album is an eclectic proposal of 13 traditional Mediterranean songs and very personal compositions by the members of the band. The album includes traditional Balkan dances (“Sandansko”, “Lazarsko horo” and “Cetvorno Sopsko horo”, all from Bulgaria); popular songs from Mare Nostrum (such as the Roma dance “Kerem eyle” from Serbia, and Uskudara); reworked klezmer melodies (“Bukoviner freylekhs”, “Doyna” and “Dance of the puppeteers”); and Ottoman tunes (“Naz bari” from Azerbaijan). Also his own compositions such as: “Cau la mà”, “Soñando blue blau” and “Les mones balcàniques”.

balkan music

EP Besarabia – 2013

EP de Besarabia – 2013

Primera maqueta del grupo del año 2013. está EP encontrarás la frescura del grupo en sus primeros años: canciones balcánicas y de la tradición Klezmer.

1.-Cocek (tradicional klezmer)

2.-Gankino Horo (Dansa tradicional búlgara)

3.-Besarabia Doina (tradicional klezmer)

4.-Der gasn nign (tradicional klezmer)

5.-Galitsianer lensts (tradicional klezmer)

6.- Makedonsko Devojce (Tradicional de Macedonia)