We are living through extraordinary times and we hope that everyone is doing as well as possible. For Besarabia it has been a tricky time as we have not been able to rehearse or play together and the future for the summer and beyond is looking pretty grim as far as concerts go. However that hasn’t stopped the composing and creativity (maybe even enhanced it for some!).

With the lockdown there have been many stories about nature regaining space in our modern world: fish-eating birds return to the clear waters of Venice, wild boar roaming the streets of Bergamo, and feral mountain goats taking over the empty streets of Wales.

Besarabia has already been letting themselves be inspired by the animal kingdom for more than a year now with their new project “Animal”. It all started with the balkan monkeys, a piece Jaume wrote 3 years ago. First it stood alone but a while later it became the turn of the giraffe, then the snake, with the swallow and the elephant swiftly following on behind (as swiftly as an elephant can go..!). With the corona lockdown cats and moles have started to appear in their compositions and the elephant (being such a wonderfully grand and large animal) has ended up with a second part to it’s musical story.

Faced with the prospect of very few concerts in the near future we would love to be able to complete the “Animal” project by recording these new songs. We have the time (& hopefully very soon the possibility to record, with social distancing measures in place!), however financially we are not in a good place to realize this. So, with this crowdfunding project, we would just like to ask if anyone would like to support this project financially, in anyway, as big or small as possible. We understand that it is a difficult time for all but we would greatly appreciate any help possible. The money will all be put towards the recording costs and also to produce a couple of videos, an essential part of any groups publicity these days. We would like to be able look forward to the future offering something new and exciting! The recordings will be put into some sort of format (cd or digital) and anyone donating (however big or small) will receive a copy of our work. In addition you will be invited to an exclusive concert, for patrons only. We will play two concerts: one live & one online, for those of you unable to attend in person. We hope you will be willing and enjoy supporting us on this new and exciting journey!

Booking :
tel. (0034) 659 46 57 11